Andrew Gatton / PAPA GOOSE


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Endurance, Clubsport, open wheeler, GT


Mon, Tue, Sat, Fri, Sun

Fluent - Native





Sim Games:

AC, ACC, iRacing, rFactor 2, Forza

About me:

hey there my name is Andrew and i am from scotland ( yes i sound great dont worry haha)

i love any kind of racing and have a passion for GT and Endurance. i love comentating over clubsport comps as well as they are fun as hell to watch and commentate over.


i like to beat cars around the track myself so i know most of the common lines on most tracks. i am also very aware of most motorsports with 4 wheels so i am pretty flexible when it comes down too it. I am a very enthusiastic person with a lot of funny qwerks and also who doesnt love a scotsman right?

in my spare time:

i enjoy setting up races for streamers and running them along with the streamer so it goes alright.

my discord is:

G00$E(NR)#7454 the 00 is zeros.

feel free to join mydiscord link to find out more!!

hope to here from you guys soon!!

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