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Short Track, Oval, Pavement, Dirt, Open Wheel, IndyCar


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rFactor 2

  1. My announcing career got it's start on my parent's driveway announcing big wheel races and trying to be like the great Sid Collins when I was about 6 years old. It evolved to announcing BMX races when I wasn't on the track, and eventually led to announcing local, regional, and semi-state wrestling tournaments when I broke my wrist in high-scool.
  2. I became known as “The Voice of the Supermodifieds” not only because of announcing gigs across the United States and Canada with the Must See Racing, the International Supermodified Association, the Midwest Supermodified Association, the Supermodified Racing Associations, Oswego Speedway and Lee USA Speedway, but also because of my weekly internet audio/vid show called Wailing with Wing Side Up that started in 2008 and lasted until around 2014.
  3. In 2004 I co-founded the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series (SUPRS) and we have used it since to promote real supermodifieds to the sim racing world. Part of that promotion lies in doing our own in-house broadcasts of our races. That means that I not only help run the sanction and race night, but I race, and announce while racing.
  4. I am no longer on the road announcing, but I still stay involved doing the SUPRS shows and feel that I can bring a good amount of experience, professionalism, fun, and knowledge to any sim racing league or sanction that's interested in having me. After 17 years being involved in sim racing, I think I'm pretty well informed about most platforms and the way things work. I am mostly intersted in short track open wheel racing, but as a native Hoosier, I do dig dirt sprint cars and of course the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I'm not opposed to announcing stock cars or other forms of racing, but I've always felt that to be a good announcer that passion for the division you are talking about comes from a deep understanding of the cars and the people involved. My equipment is older but still functional including my mics and soundboard. I have experience with NASCAR Heat, (Yes the original!), rFactor, and rFactor 2 as well as TeamSpeak, Discord, Twitch, Stream Elements, Stream Labs, Ustream, Adobe Audition, and SAM Broadcaster. I'm open to negotiations on compensation, so hit me up if your interested and let's talk!

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