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Hey everyone I am the owner of the YouTube Channel - IG8Live Esports. The name of the channel before 2021 used to be infinite g8mer. This was because my PSN is infiniteg8mer and my Gamertag is infnite g8mer. I started doing race streams and commentary for F1 Esports Leagues back in March of 2020 during the Covid-19 Lockdown and have been doing it ever since. I have thus updated my YouTube Channel to be the central location where I do all of my Esports Commentary Streams, hence the name change to IG8Live Esports.


Currently I have a packed Schedule but please feel free to contact me with your race day and time in GMT to find out about availabilities. I tend to update and change my stream schedule and the leagues on the schedule based on my work schedule. Also please note that at this point I will mostly only take on Paid Leagues so if you are interested please contac me about pricing. This basically means that there will be a fee attached for every stream i do for your league. This is in an effort to improve the quality of the stream and commentary services I provide. I have recently purchased the Hyper X Quadcast Microphone to use for my Commentay on Stream and will be adding a few new features to my stream output very by the end of April 2021. My current leagues seem to enjoy the improved audio quality so hopefully you will too. Please feel free to join my Discord and ask any questions you may have, myself and my admin team will be happy to have a chat with you. Below is a list of Leagues that I currently Stream & Commentate for and also a list of the Leagues I have done Stream and Commentary for in the Past. Please note that for the leagues I currently Stream for, some of these are Paid Leagues and some I have Chosen to provide the Stream and Comms Service for them.


There will be a re-registration period for all leagues before the new F1 2021 game is released. So quite similar to F1 drivers being out of contract by the end of a season, Leagues will be out of contract with me as well and need to re-register themselves. Paid Leagues will have first Preference. I do have the F1 2020 game on both PS4 and Xbox. ALso I have ACC and GTSport on PS4. I currently do not have any leagues playing thise game on a schedule.


Discord Link - https://discord.gg/au59YhMeMT

YouTube Channel Link - https://www.youtube.com/c/ig8liveesports


Esports Leagues I Curently Stream & Commentate (Last Updated March 2021)


-- S&S Esports F1 Racing League

-- PGL F1 Racing League Sunday Division

-- PGL F1 Racing League Wednesday Division

-- L2S F2 Esports League

-- APPF1 Racing Community

-- (NLRL) Next Level Racing League Tier 1

-- (ARX) AeroDynamix Racing League Division 2

-- (EFRL) European Formula Racing League


Esports Leagues I Streamed and Commentate for in the PAST

(A few of these leagues probably no longer exist sicne some of them were on the F1 2019 Game)


-- (ASR) All Stars F1 Racing League Tier 1

-- ISRL Academy Tier 1

-- IFRL Group 2

-- (SNRC) Sunday Night Race Club

-- (TNRC) Thursday Night Race Club

-- (RPR) Rapid Pixel Racing GP-1 Division

-- (RPR) Rapid Pixel Racing GP-2 Division

-- Slydog Racing League Tier 1

-- Slydog Racing League Tier 2

-- VFL Racing League

-- Outlaw Monster International F1 Racing Series

-- WRC Rogue Energy F1 League

-- (LRC) Learning Raicng Club


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