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Commentary & Stream management

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F1 2020 (open to try others!)


Mon, Wed


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F1, Dirt 2.0, Forza, ACC

Hey all! Names Mark, also known as Lightshock16 or TeS LS16. I’m a passionate Racing fan, in particular being heavily invested in the Formula 1 side.


I already race in Two leagues on Fridays and Sundays, and alresdy have a commentary role at ‘Supreme Formula Racing’ on Saturdays. However I’m thinking about trying commentary for other F1-based Leagues, which is why I’m putting myself on here.


One thing to stress right off the bat is that my work schedule can make my attendance a bit hit and miss. Usually I would definitely be able to do 2 of 3 races (Willing to explain more if needed).

ive garnered a good reputation for my commentary on SFR, to the point where Grid Finder themselves highlighted it in the description for the SFR league. Id like to think I try to put my all into commentary, as I’m firmly of the belief that if you don’t care about the subject you’re commentating on, you’ll never make others care about it either.


so, if anyone is interested and willing to work around my work schedule, feel free to hit me up! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Current Schedule:


Mondays - Commentator for SVOR (due to end soon so will be free soon)

Tuesdays - Commentator for HPRL

Wedenesdays - Free (dont hesitate to ask if I can help this day)

Thursdays - Soon to be racing for IRL in their Realistic Performance League

Fridays - Racing for XFR

Saturdays - Commentating for SFR

Sundays - Racing for F1XL

See examples of my work: