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About Coy Racing

Coy Racing - yes Racing, not E-Racing has been around since 1946. It was started by Johnny Coy, Sr and continued by his sons Johnny Jr, Joey and Billy. Since then Johnny Jr's son Richie has also started to race. Together, they have amast 25 championships in over 8 decades of racing!

About Richie Coy

Richie started racing in 1991 and has raced in multiple different divisions. He currently races a Midget in the NEMA (Northeastern Midget Association) in the northeast of the United States.

About Coy-Eracing

Coy E-Racing was founded in 2003 when Richie first started online racing with NASCAR 2003. He has since moved into iRacing. Last year he won both Division 4 xFinity and Truck championships. This year he has joined a very competitive league and hopes to bring home more championships! This past year, Richie has started live streaming his races on Twitch.tv and facebook.

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