Ross "DatHuski" McKenzie

Commentary & Stream management

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English Skills:

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Fluent - Native





Sim Games:

rFactor 2, ACC, AC


Currently NOT open to new commentary jobs (03/21)

Due to studying commitments. Sorry


I am Huski, now with 6 months of extra experience under my belt!

I commentate most catagories and have been involved in multiple disciplines during my commentaries, such as EERC Halloween Le Mans 2020, Racing Pals ACC and AC Series and also SimRacingMania for their GT3 and Hypercar series.


Currently I'm not taking other offers as I am fully booked up to my set limit of series, this is to allow myself the breaks required, and also to ensure that I am at my best commentarywise for the series I am currently involved in.


(All times in UK)

M: 1800 Onwards

T: Booked - SRM Hypercar (20:40 onwards GMT)

W: 1630 Onwards

T: 1500 Onwards

F: Unable (Until 12/12) (Work Permitting)

S: Unable (*Day Off*)

S: Unable (*Fully Booked*)


I will always try to bring the max amount of enthusiasm and professionalism to any of my broadcasts, I have an already setup streaming system for RFactor 2, utilising its new Broadcaster Overlay. I believe I am still learning, and I am happy to partake in commentating in any series that would like for me to do so.


I also have a real world job, normally this won't cause issue, however it might include some days when I cannot commentate or be available for races, my normal work times are either 1-10pm UK or 6-10pm UK.


Please note I do have some slight limitations that at current may stop me commentating a series, and these are:


DLC Ownership - I am trying to obtain the rest of the RFactor 2 DLC at this current time (The most league important one Le mans)

Intercont GT - ACC (And the following 2020 Season DLC, + gt4)


If there are any questions, do not hesitate to come to my Discord Server and DM me.

Any offers to commentating requests/jobs to be directed to my Discord Server as well.

See examples of my work: