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Hey everyone!

I'm Ellie but go by the username of TangentGone, and if you haven't guessed already I am a female or more specifically a 15 year-old girl.


I can offer commentary as well however I didn't include it in the profile as I know a female and young voice isn't everyone's taste, but let me know if you would like commentary if it doesn't matter.


Streaming is my main area, especially on console since I use lightstream which allows me to use custom overlays for streams, and with this I also offer to make custom designs for stream starting, intermission etc (you can see some demos in the link) which can be animated and I will design them to how you wish them to be. It makes the stream look more professional and clean.


I am mainly into Formula 1 racing and if you'd like commentary I'd be best for that however I'm open to learn and invest into news category's.


Thanks for reading and I hope we can do more together!

Note: I can only do times 19:00 to 20:00 for the start of the race.

See examples of my work: