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F1, Assetto Corsa


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F1, AC, Project Cars 1, 2 & 3, rFactor 2

Hi there Folks!


We are vCast team! We're bunch of guys who want to develop your league in case of Streaming & Quality of Voice.


We want to introduce ourselves to you.


Kacper "everiles" Mielczarek - The Owner & PR Manager of whole project. I am very experienced Commentator. I've using my voice to commenate one of the biggest leagues based in Poland. For example: Liga u Klofho, RALF1, RKFL (Robert Kubica Fans League).


Konrad "Ri00t" Ciechanowicz - One of the trailblazers of creating that "Studio". This is the second owner of that project. He is studying journalism, so he has knowledge and the experience to become one of the best Caster in Poland! His experience is: Liga Parc Ferme, RALF1!


Bartłomiej "MrZiut" Klukowski - Third owner of vCast team. He has less experience than two of the other Owners. He was casting the: ERS (Reserve League) on Twitch for example or the Pixel Racing League.


This is the core of the project. We have two more friends who are learning this thing. We're streaming ONLY in our origin language which is Polish. If you want to promote your league on other country, give it a try! We'll make the stream good and professional.


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Instagram: @cast__team



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