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OPE Racing - About Us
One of the first North American Leagues in AMS2 - we are a casual group of racers ranging from super-fast veterans to rookies who just got their first wheel. All are welcome as long as you are respectful and race clean! Each season we race a different car, but it's always a good time.


In this Division, points are a combination of our Hot Lap Challenge and the Race. This gives an incentive to practice the track and try to find the best lines on the track before race day. Not only does this bring up the skill level of everyone participating, but it's also another fun way to compete each week. Hot laps are can be submitted all week until midnight the day before the race.

Race activities start around 8pm CST and go until 10pm CST. This includes practice, qualifying, and the race/s. Depending on the week, the race could be a doubleheader (two races ~25 min each) or an enduro (1 race ~50 min).

We look forward to racing with you!
-Henry (BrassYeti)

Game: Automobilista 2
Car: 125cc Karts
Hot Lap Format
Times submitted to #hot-lap-submission by Wednesday before the Race (12:00 CST) Take a screen shot of your best time in Hot Lap mode


Race Format

Thrusdays at 8:15 PM CST

Practice: 30 min

Qualfying: 10 min

Total Race Length: ~60 min

Manual Formation Lap

Double File Rolling Start


Realism Settings

Realistic Driving Aids = Yes

Damage Type = Performance Enhancing

Mechanical Failures = No Force

Manual Pitstop = Yes

Tire Wear = x7

Fuel Depletion = Yes

Required Pitstop = Yes


Season 5

Pre-Season: Oct 29th - 📷 Granja Viana: Copa Sao Paulo Kart Stage 2

Round 1: Nov. 5th - 📷 Londrina Kart One - Double Header

Round 2: Nov. 12th - 📷 Ortona Kart One - Double Header

Round 3: Nov 19th - 📷 Buskerud Kart Long - Enduro

Round 4: Dec 3rd - 📷 Interlagos Kart Two - Enduro


Scoring Format

For Double Header Races, Hot Lap, Race 1, and Race 2 are all scored equally. Bonus +1 Points for the fastest lap during Race 1 and Race 2. At the end of the season, the lowest points scored in any one Double Header race will be dropped for standing calculations. Enduro Races are counted as two races in a single Double Header for scoring purposes.


Standings https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12OTbxTj9yxe9ZFFk89WKJ8_Yp7fhBIqVW_7IQVNzzh4/edit?usp=sharing


Points1: 25 | 2: 22 | 3: 20 | 4: 18 | 5: 16 | 6: 14 | 7: 12 | 8: 10 | 9: 9 | 10: 8 | 11: 7 | 12: 6 | 13: 5 | 14: 4 | 15: 3 | 16: 2 | 17: 1

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