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What is the Cup Series?

  • The Cup Series is the top series in the Adrenaline iRacing League. The series runs the NASCAR Cup Series cars and mimics the points system they used in the 2014 season.
  • Races are 60% of the full distance of the real NASCAR Cup Series. Races could be at most 2-3 hours long.

Requirements to race in Cup Series:

  • Minimum 1500 iRating and Maximum 5000 iRating
  • Free Entry to Join the Series. $10 Fee if you want to win money.
  • Champion: $250(Plus Championship trophy)
  • Team Championship: $100 to the team
  • Best of the Rest: $50
  • The Clash Winner: $50

* Even though it is not on here, there are some moments during the season that we do give out cash prizes or iRacing Dollars

Team Requirements:

  • Must have 2 drivers on a team
  • The max amount of full-time drivers on a team will be 5 drivers. No part-time drivers.
  • The two highest finishers on each team has their points added together and averaged to come up with the team points for that race.

General Regulations:

  • Session will always start on Sundays at 6 PM Eastern.
  • Practice will be 30 minutes
  • Qualifying will be 5 minutes and 2 Laps. 8 minutes for Road Courses
  • Only 36 drivers will make the field
  • Track State will start clean and carry over to qualifying and race
  • Admins will let you know 24 hours before the race if anything changes with the time of day and track state for the race weekend.
  • Drivers who finished Top 20 in points last season will be locked into all Adrenaline events. The final spots will be determined by qualifying.

Adrenaline iRacing Cup Series Playoffs:

  • 12 drivers are eligible for the Playoffs
  • “Win and You’re In” Format. If a driver wins a race, they are locked into the Playoffs
  • In order to be eligible for the Playoffs, you must make 10 starts
  • If we have more than 11 drivers with wins, the highest driver in the standings without a win will be the automatic 12th driver in the playoffs
  • In the Round of 12, drivers’ points will reset to 2000 with 3 bonus points for each win in the regular season.
  • In the Round of 8, drivers’ points will reset to 3000 with no bonus points.
  • If a playoff driver wins a race in one of those rounds, they have to make 2 starts out of the 3 races to advance to the next round.
  • Championship 4 will go to Atlanta with the highest finisher being crowned the Season 3 Cup Champion.

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