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We are running a GT3 league on ACC.


25+ drivers as it stands and of course we wish to have more.


Season 1 is more of a "test" Season but for Season 2 we will be taking feedback from all the drivers and shaping the league to what they want.

Rules ● We will be using the in-game rule system wherever possible. Off-tracks, speeding in the pitlane etc. ● Race cleanly at all times. Avoid contact where possible. If you hit someone by accident, consider letting them back past you or you could get a penalty. ● Deliberately crashing out another driver could result in DSQ from the league. ● You have to let a driver past if you’re getting blue flags. ● When it comes to defending, you know the rules. Don’t weave under braking and don’t force other drivers off the track. Leave enough space. Be fair. ○ Expect reckless/one-sided/avoidable incidents to result in a 30s penalty. ○ Expect smaller incidents that aren’t resolved on track (letting someone back past) to result in a 5s penalty. ● All incidents can be reported in the AMG discord with appropriate action being taken after the race. Race control ruling is final. ○ You have a window of 15 minutes after the end of the race to report incidents. Incidents not reported after that window will not be taken into consideration. ■ While reporting an incident, you should mention the car number/driver name, as well as the lap/corner it happened on. ○ Incidents will be reported in the AMG discord, allowing the drivers involved to protest. (though with the race replay, ■ Protests also need to be made within this same 15 minute window. ● Before the Spa season opener, you have to choose a car. That is then your car for the entire 6 events. Choose something you are comfortable with and consider the 6 tracks.


Each event will consist of a 10 minute qualifying session and a 45 minute race. The race will have 1 mandatory pit stop, without any requirements on tyre change/refueling. The server goes online about an hour before qualifying, giving a lengthy practice session for people to join. To make sure you don’t miss out on qualifying, make sure you’ve joined the server 10 minutes beforehand. Server details will be posted in the AMG discord.


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