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  • Weekly announcements via iRacing email will go out on Sundays. It is important that you check and read these weekly emails.
  • We will also use dedicated Discord channel for the league communication. It is encouraged to use Discord’s Voice channel (if you are comfortable) during the league hosted sessions.
  • Car: M4 GT3
  • Time of Day (TOD) will vary (unless night race is announced)
  • Weather: automatically generated
  • Track condition: marbles will be cleaned between the sessions
  • Fuel level: 10 gal.
  • Setup: fixed baseline
  • Fast repairs: 2
  • Start type: standing start on Wednesday night | rolling start on Thursday night
  • Incident penalty system (drive-through penalty): first 17x then 8x thereafter


  • BMW CCA membership is currently NOT required to join the league (however it may change in the future).
  • You must join our iRacing league to participate, please seach and apply under BMW CCA NCC League in iRacing.
  • You must have iRacing Road Racing license class of D or higher AND safety rating (SR) of 2.75 or higher to be accepted into the league.
  • You must have a good, working heaset with a microphone to participate in order to communicate with other drivers. Please do a mic check when you join the session.


  • This is a friendly, community-based, non-contact sim racing league (i.e. no hitting!)
  • Blocking: there's NO blocking in this league
  • Flag rule: in this league, if you're under the Blue flag (i.e. you're a lap down, etc.) then you must YIELD to the faster car coming up behind you where it's safe to do so and yield quickly. If you can, try to use iRacing radio button to communicate that you see them and let them pass where, etc.
  • You must respect other drivers’ skill levels and speed – i.e. yield when/where you can, make safe and clean pass when/where you can, etc.
  • When entering the hot track from the pit, always check your mirror and use iRacing’s Relative blackbox for incoming traffic. Wait if you have to, and do not swerve over to racing line immediately, stay off line until the next corner.
  • During formation or parade lap (for rolling start), swerving or weaving, slamming on the brakes is prohibited. Please leave enough space in front and side of your car at all time and be careful not to hit other cars.
  • Your actions will be monitored and noted, certainly in the first 2 laps and will be reviewed by your fellow drivers after the race if you cause incident(s).
  • Similarly, at any time, if you drive overly aggressive and cause incidents to others (i.e. knocking them out of race, etc.) then you may be asked to sit out the next race.
  • Intentional targeting, hitting, or retaliation will not be tolerated.
  • If some of these rules are frequently violated and ignored, then you can be removed from this league!
  • Remember, race hard but keep it CLEAN. Be nice to each other. We are in this together!

“The cars may be virtual, but the race is REAL!”

NCC Sim Racing Team

Sim Racing - Scott Kim - simracing@nccbmwcca.org

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