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CMS NARS 2021 rF2 Season


For 2021, NARS will be bringing a variety of racing championships and special events to the CMS rF2 community. Building on the strength of the 2020 schedule, we will be continuing to offer weekly races on Thursday nights (Eastern Time) by running concurrent championships.


The major offering for NARS drivers will be a year-long Virtual Modern Sportscar Championship (VMSC) of 12 races using the WSC 2021 mod. Developed within CMS by a team led by Saturday Chapter Admin George Angelidis the mod features custom liveries, also designed in-house, by Ross-Alexander Smith.


Featuring LMH and GTE cars, it provides multiclass racing for drivers in the PRO and AM categories to provide graduated challenges for racers of differing abilities.


Using a schedule that is a combination of those being used in real life by WEC and IMSA plus real weather, it promises to deliver all the excitement and challenge that NARS drivers are looking for.

NARS will also be offering a series of shorter championships that will run consecutively with the VMSC, using mods that have been selected by the NARS community.


Starting first will be a Virtual DTM Championship (VDTMC) of 9 races followed by a Virtual GT1 Championship (VGT1C) of 9 races as well. Both series will generally mimic their real life inspirations and will feature PRO and AM classes as well as weather based on that normally experienced at the race location on the NARS race dates.


The final short championship will be announced later in the year, as will a sprinkling of test nights and special events that will bring the opportunity to try out potential NARS championship offerings for the future or just to have some fun!


Everything kicks off with both VMSC and VDTMC races in the first weeks of January, but new drivers will be welcome to join us any time!


Championship and race details may be found by going to the CMS NARS channels on the CMS Discord server:


What is NARS? The North American Racing Series is a community of rF2 drivers across a wide spectrum of abilities and interests with a focus on clean, competitive and fun racing that is as much about helping one another improve as it is about doing as well as you can in your own racing.


Questions may be directed to the NARS Admin, Matthew Overton through DM on the CMS Discord server.

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