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After 50 years, it's time to go back.


1971 was the year that saw major changes in the World Sportscar Championship - the precursor to today's WEC. Porsche's rise to dominance was being challenged by both Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, all with cutting edge cars. It was an era of new transmission technologies and saw other enhancements such as the Porsche 917K using a hollow, extruded frame that was filled with nitrogen to lighten the car. Chevrolet teamed up with British motorsport brand Lola, which Jackie Stewart ran for some monumental victories in the class.


The 11 FIA races spanned the globe and were filled with excitement, fierce competition, and incredible finishes. It also saw 7 fatalities before the final race. These cars were able to produce top race speeds unrivaled until the following century. These were truly amazing machines, brilliant engineers, and fearless drivers.


Now, thanks to the passionate work by Apex Modding, Chief Wiggum, CrossPly, George Angelidis, Jon Uyan, and the CMS Beta testers, the cars from this time have been brought together in a single mod and series to relive the legend that was the 1971 WSC season Sportscar 5.0 Liter class. Racers can choose between the Ferrari 512M, Porsche 917K, Alfa Romeo T33/TT/12 and the Lola T70 Mk3B. All with unique car characteristics and all balanced to be competitive. The work on these cars is nothing short of brilliant. You will feel the thrill, excitement, and subtle terror that the real drivers felt piloting these monsters.


11 championship races of variable lengths all over the world, live weather, and a test race to let us test all things and procedures. Allowed driving aids should offer the best conditions to newcomers and old timers to great battles on track and hopefully build upon those off track with the great community of Champion Motorsports.


Further information can be found in our discord channel and website:


The Cars:


S 5.0 Class


Alfa Romeo T33/TT/12: The T33/TT/12 [Tipo 33 (Type 33)/ Telaio Tubolare (Tubular Chassis)] was actually the 1974-1975 car that was based on the T33/3 car of 1971. The body is wider and different, yet the basic chassis and suspension is similar. The engine is different however: the 1971 was a 3.0L V8 (Alfa decided to use a 3.0L instead of the maximum allowed 5.0L while still entering the S 5.0 class), but in 1973 it moved to a Flat 12 (engine in the mod) making 500 HP. Also Slicks became popular after Matra’s success and mostly all cars used slicks in 1974. To compensate for all those, we beefed the engine and increased the wear on the tyres to balance the car.


Ferrari 512M: The 512M (‘M’ for Modificata, meaning modified) was a modified version of the 512S from 1970. The 512S was “weak” with the 5.0L V12 producing “only” 550 HP and was plummeted by reliability issues thus the more powerful/updated 512M came along. 512S was still raced though in 1971, but uncompetitively. The 512M extracted another 60 HP (610 HP) and was a much more mature racecar to battle the 917K. In our mod we used 512M performance to match the Porsche but still have the 512S body. If Apex Modding finishes the 512M body, we can potentially upgrade to that style.


Lola T70 Mk3B Spyder Chevrolet: Mechanically the Mk3B was fairly similar to its predecessors (Mk3 and Mk2). Powered by the same “good ol’ V8” by Chevrolet making 600 HP out of a 5.0 L the suspension geometry was altered to suit the new generation of much wider tyres. The Mk3B also sported larger brakes, a weak point on previous versions. Many of the British customers replaced the open T70s with the Mk3B Coupes. Close to 50 kg was shaved off the weight making the Mk3b the closest 1:1 power/weight ratio car known (600HP/600kg). The body was revamped to be closed cockpit for the 1971 season. Still the open “Spyder” cockpit was raced more notably at Le Mans and Watkins Glen by Jackie Steward. We only have the open cockpit option in this mod.

Porsche 917K: The Porsche 917K ('K' for Kurzheck, meaning short-tail) was an improved version of the 917 from 1969. The Porsche 917 didn't work as well on the racing track as it looked to work on the drawing boards. For some reason, the handling was terrible (later attributed to flow separation at the tail of the car) and many thought the car was undriveable, unstable and too much for the lightweight frame. Weight was everything so Porsche used a hollow, extruded frame that was filled with nitrogen to lighten the car. Porsche redesigned the car with a short-tail that seemed to handle a lot better than the regular coupes. The original car was created when engineers picked up a saw and cut off the rear section of the tail. A career changing action! The 917K was the most successful and dominant racecar in the WSC having a Top Speed of 354 km/h and setting the Le Mans Distance Record that was only broken 39 years later…



01/09/2021 | 100 Minutes of Buenos Aires (Historic) (Argentina)
01/16/2021 | 2.4 Hours of Daytona Beach (USA) -24 hour cycle
03/06/2021 | 1.2 Hours of Sebring (USA) -12 hour cycle
04/03/2021 | 100 Minutes of Brands Hatch (Great Britain)
05/08/2021 | 100 Minutes of Spa (Historic) (Belgium)
05/22/2021 | 2.4 Hours of Le Mans (Historic) (France) -24 hour cycle
07/31/2021 | 3 Giri di Targa Florio (Italy)
08/28/2021 | 100 Minutes of Nürburgring (Nordschleife only) (Germany)
09/11/2021 | 100 Minutes of Monza (Road Course only) (Historic) (Italy)
10/16/2021 | 100 Minutes of Österreichring (Historic) (Austria)
10/30/2021 | 60 Laps of Watkins Glen (Historic) (USA)



11:30AM US EST|16:30 GMT – Server Reboot/Practice (2 hours)

01:30PM US EST|18:30 GMT – Qualifying (20 mins)

01:50PM US EST|18:50 GMT – Drivers’ briefing/Warmup (10 mins)

02:00PM US EST|19:00 GMT – Race



3 Classes: S 5.0-Pro, S 5.0-Am, S 5.0-Purist (Clutch + H-shifter)

Single file rolling start

Live Weather

2x Fuel

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