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Delta Retro GT's Season 4


Welcome to the 4th season of the Delta Retro Gt’s this is our blue ribbon event.  The previous 3 seasons have provided some of the largest entries known in Forza community events, in excess of 100 drivers and some of the best racing seen. The event features a massive selection of car to choose from, 17 IN TOTAL, classic GT3 and imsa form the 60's, 70's, and 80's. including the Liquid molly Capari, BMW m1 Procar, Greenwood crovette all have individual strengths and weaknesses so you must find the best match to your driving style, the calendar, and your competitors This season will have a change in the calendar with 2 feature weekends, 4 sprint races. 10 rounds of competition



Forza 7 - Retro GT : Season 4 - Start Feb 2021 | (





Practice Session Sunday 31st Jan

Round 1 & 2
Sunday 7th Feb
Watkins Glen Full 

Qualifying starts 20:00 (GMT)
2 x 25min Sprint races

Day / Clear

Round 3
Sunday 14th Feb
Suzuka Full

Qualifying starts 20:00 (GMT)
1hr feature race

Day / Clear

Round 4 & 5
Sunday 21st Feb
Daytona Sport Car (night) 

Qualifying starts 20:00 (GMT)
2 x 25min sprint 

Night / Clear

Round 6 & 7
Sunday 28th Feb
Brands Hatch FullDelta Retro GT Championship - Season 4

Qualifying starts 20:00 (GMT)
2 x 25min sprint

Day / Clear

Round 8 & 9
Sunday 7th March
Laguna Seca

Qualifying starts 20:00 (GMT)
2 x 25min sprint

Day / Clear

Round 10
Sunday 14th March

Qualifying starts 20:00 (GMT)
1hr feature race
Day / Clear

Retro GT invitational
Sunday 21st March

1 lobby 22 drivers 

Full Details


Cars must be built to the specified build. You can tune your car.


Teams Must consist of  2 or 3 drivers

Teams of 2 drivers, both must have the same GT prefix, must be in the same community team.
eg DOR Steve911 & DOR YelloCactus can form a team.
eg DOR steve911 & PTG Sean would not be allowed, both drivers would run as privateers. 

 teams of 3 can contain drivers of different community prefix. A team will be announced as a community team if 2 out of the 3 drives carry the Same prefix.
Community teams entering more than one team must choose different models of cars.

eg DOR Alpha chooses the Ferrari then DOR Beta must choose a different car and cant choose the Ferrari

A team will be announced as a community team if 2 out of the 3 drives carry the Same prefix. 

This rule is in to promote a mix of cars on track. We ask that all drivers and teams entering the retros respect this and don't look for ways around it (of which there are many) 
The Retros has the largest selection of cars known to any Forza Event there are more than enough choices. 

Qualifying for the sprint races will be 4 laps, 3 of which will be hot laps.
Simulation damage on, contact off.
Forza clean laps take priority over dirty laps.

Qualifying for the feature races will be 8 laps,
7 of which will be hot laps.
Simulation damage on, contact off.
Forza clean laps take priority over dirty laps.

Your first Lap must be dirty, drivers failing to comply with this rule will be subject to a 5 place grid penalty.

The number of laps will be confirmed 24 hrs before the race is due to start.

Sprint Rounds
Race 1 grid order will be based on qualifying results.
Race 2 grid order race finishing 1 positions, with a reverse top ten for A lobby only.

Feature Races
The Race grid order will be based on qualifying results.


If weather is a Forza option, we will use it. Weather forecasts will be published on the forum approx 24hrs before racing is due to start.
Qualifying will always be under clear conditions.


Following Race 1, the bottom 3 drivers in Lobby A, B and C will be relegated to Lobbies B, C and D respectfully, and the top 3 drivers in Lobby B, C and D will be promoted to Lobbies A, B and C.


Racing will be rolling start.
if a pace car is present in the lobby, drivers will form up single file behind the pace car for the warm up lap.
80mph speed limit, before the last corner the pace car will bunch up the pack at 50mph.
Driver will cross the line single file at 50mph.
Drivers only speed up to race speed once they have crossed the line.

if no pace car is present the pole driver will act as a virtual pace car.
80mph max speed on pace lap.
50mph before the last corner, making sure the last placed car is with the pack.
50mph over the line.

Lobby A will have a reverse top 10 for Race 2.


Sprint Races
Race 1 and 2. One mandatory pit stop must be taken. The pit window will be announced on race night

Feature Races
Two mandatory pit stops. The Pit window will be announced on Race Night
If you pit under a safety car or outside the window, it does not count as a mandatory pit stop and you must make another pit.

There are no restrictions on designs other than abusive or inappropriate designs are not allowed. Tobacco advertising is not allowed.
As this is the Retro GT we would prefer to have changes made to avoid this.
Delta Number should be placed on each door with your Delta Driver Number.
Search for DOR YelloCactus for number boards.

There will be a virtual safety car. The lobby host will activate a safety car if 3 or more cars are damaged.
drivers if involved in an incident must declare "damage" at the soonest point. if 3 or more shouts of damage then a virtual safety car is activated,
When a safety car is initiated; pole driver to maintain an appropriately .slow speed to allow cars to close up and the damaged cars to pit. The lobby host will inform the lobby when racing can resume


A restart for an accident can be called on the first lap only. Only one restart for accidents, any further issues will use a virtual safety car is called.

As the race starts, if any driver does not have sound or suffers from 'Forza' issues e.g cars not showing, cars ghosted; the lobby host will restart the race. No more than two restarts however the lobby host has the discretion to restart a third time if they deem it appropriate. Once the first place car completes one lap, there will be no more restarts.


There will be 2 dropped Rounds in force (1 Weekends racing) Or 1 feature race 

Registration will close at 2000uk the night before race day.

All drivers must have have the Live Timing open on race night. The link can be found at the top of this page in the menu.
This Live Timing will show drivers which lobby they'll be qualifying in and which race lobby they are in. it is the responsibility of the drivers to join their lobby hosts. This allows for shorter time between racing.




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