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Xbox Formula 1

F1 2020


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Multiple Races per Week



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Tues, Thu





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Twitch & Youtube

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Invictus Racing League is a community of passionate racing enthusiasts who enjoy competitive and fair racing. Our Formula 1 esports leagues are organised and focused in providing an immersive and enjoyable racing experience for our members; competing on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.


Established in 2017, Invictus Racing League provides an opportunity for drivers of all abilities and experience, ranging from experienced esports competitors to those completely new to online league racing, to compete in a professionally ran racing community. Our staff and community provide support to each other, developing both friendships and on-track rivalries.


Our races are broadcast live and in HD with commentary from our talented broadcasting team. Drivers will face the media as they attend driver press conferences and will receive instructions and guidelines specific to each race event from the race director at the driver’s briefings.


Our social media accounts, TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube are utilised to connect with the wider Formula 1 community, prompting discussion of the Formula 1 world and sharing our experiences and race events. IRL has developed links with other racing communities and is a recognised partner of; working together to promote driving standards, developing relationships within the esports community and partnerships with other racing leagues.


IRL aims to provide our members with the experience of being a racing driver, as well as enabling them to develop and refine their skills.


So, if you’d like to challenge yourself against our drivers, or wish to join our broadcasting team; then join us through our discord server. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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