IXRL (main league)

3 divisions based on performance



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league description


undefinedBasic infoundefined

Time and day


AM - 12:30PM EST, 17:30 GMT, 18:30 CET*

PRO-AM - 1:30PM EST, 18:30 GMT, 19:30 CET*

PRO - 2:30PM EST, 19:30 GMT, 20:30 CET*

*practice start-time



Weather will copy the real-life forecast for the particular circuit at the time we are racing at. Expected weather will be announced with the session info and will be confirmed on a race day.


Divisions and teams

There are three divisions (PRO, PRO-AM, AM) based on driver's performances each with 20 participants. You can create or enter a team. Each team consists of 2 members and both members need to be within the same division. Members must have the same livery (or at least similar when using different cars). More info on how to register a team will be announced after divisions are made.



People who sign up after the 60 driver limit will be added into a reserve list as well as drivers who'd want to join mid-season. They aren't allowed to race until some of the drivers gets a league removal When a driver gets a league removal ... then a full-time spot opens up for a reserve.


Season and DLC requirements

We will be using 2020 types of all tracks, you'll need the 2020 GT World Challenge DLC for Imola (comes with Season Pass) As for cars you can choose between all the cars from 2019 and 2020 season



There will be prizes for front runners, more info on prizes will be announced later but before first race.


undefinedSession infoundefined


30 minutes (not mandatory but join during this session)


15 minutes


60 minutes 1 mandatory pitstop with tyre change during 10minutes long pit window (opens at 35mins to go, closes at 25mins to go)


undefinedExceptional rulesundefined

You can change car only once per season. You have maximum 3 races which you can miss and then you get a league removal. If you don’t tag your attendance at all or tag that you are racing and in the end you're not ... you’ll get warning and 2nd warning is league removal. If you quit the race you’ll get -5 points penalty from your overall points (connection and/or game issues need a photo/video proof)

Series Calendar

1. 📷 Monza - 16.1.*

2. 📷 Brands Hatch - 23.1.*

3. TBD - 30.1.*

4. 📷 Paul Ricard - 6.2.*

5. 📷 Zandvoort - 13.2.*

6. 📷 Misano - 27.2.*

7. 📷 Spa - 6.3.*

8. 📷 Nurburgring - 13.3.*

9. 📷 Barcelona - 20.3.*

10. 📷 Imola - 27.3.*


Track list corresponds with 2021 GT Europe Challenge official calendar **

*expected race dates, can change before the league start

**with an exception as Magne Cours is not in the game and the last track which hasn't been decided yet (we added Imola), TBD track will be voted by you (participants)


undefinedSign-ups and qualifyingundefined

To sign-up for this league use this link: https://ixracing.net/ixrl-sign-up/All the info about qualifying is there as well.


You can see the sign-up submissions here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sI18zLYbjXuDBsCBza_n1YCqCQAJC-vYuWf0tEpVLWE/edit?usp=sharing


If you'd rather prefer to see the season notes on a website, visit this link: https://ixracing.net/events/categories/ixrl

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