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We are a group of Adult sim racers who lack time to spend hours a week practicing for serious sim racing series. We race 2nd and 4thTuesdays of the month with off weeks for open practice races. Looking for fun, semi serious, competitive racing in a stress free enviroment.


Assetto Corsa MX5 Cup race series downloads (series to begin Feb 2021)


Required Downloads:


All tracks can be downloaded from the links listed after each track or app. Race department requires you to set

up an acount in order to download. Send your email to with your discord handle and I will

send you an invite to the group chat. Tracks can be dragged and dropped into Assetto Corsa track folder (file

explorer, local disc c, program files x86, steam, steam apps, common, assetto corsa, content, tracks) or

installed automatically using content manager (


Recomended downloads:


PTcker: Displays race data, lap times, position data, etc.


Crew Cheif: Tells you when there are cars near you, race information, fuel level, etc.(you need this if

running on a single monitor)


RSR Live Timing: (Compares your lap times to others on app)


Content Manager:




-Server name is NEO MX5, password is neo, (or alternate server if needed- EvilRabbit password evl). To Join
the server select "Online" from the driving menu and type neo in the search bar, select the neo server,

type the password neo in the lower left and select the car from the top right, then select "Join" on the right.

(if you have trouble joining despite having all the required downloads try joining through content manager)


-Group chat: Discord, NEO general chat, email me at and give me your
Discord handle and I will invite you to the chat.


-Mazda MX5 Cup car (factory Kunos car included with the Japanese pack or AC ultimate edition)
will be used for each race


Points System:


1 bonus point is awarded for pole position, and fastest race lap.


Pos Points

1- 20

2- 18

3- 17

4- 15

5- 14

6- 13

7- 12

8- 11

9- 10

10- 9

11- 8

12- 7

13- 6

14- 5

15- 4

16- 3

17- 2

18- 1


Bonus Points

pole- 1

fastest lap- 1


-14 race series, your top 10 race results will be counted for series championship, ties will be broken by average finish position


-timing and scoring will be done by STracker live timing, I will add results/ standings to the facebook
page after each event.


Track Rules:

IMSA / GT race etiquette. 1 line selection/ block per straight. No intentional contact with other drivers,
reckless drivers (as determined by admins) will be banned. Penalties set to 4 tires off track limits. Please

self penalize (if you unintentionaly wreck someone slow down and dont pass them until you are both back

to racing )



Points Races will be held on Tuesdays. Race times: Practice races -6:30-7:35pm, Official Qualifing -7:40-
7:50pm, Races directly after qualifing. We will do short 8-10 lap races depending on track length

followed immediately by a second race with a reverse grid. Results from both official races will be counted.


(Below; track name, (file name), (fastest recorded time for the real MX5 cup, year, chassis) -(chassis: ND1
2016-2018 MX5 cup car 155hp, ND2 2019+ MX5 cup car 181hp, Assetto Corsa MX5 Cup is ND1)


week 1 (Feb 9): St Petersburg (1:25.296 2020 ND2)


week 2 (Feb 23): Virginia International Raceway (VIR) (2:10.926 2016 ND1)


week 3 (Mar 9): Portland International Raceway (PIR) (1:26.376 2018 ND1)


week 4 (Mar 23): Sebring (2:29.067 2018 ND1)


week 5 (Apr 13): Road Atlanta (1:39.788 2016 ND1)


week 6 (Apr 27): Road America (2:37.183 2018 ND1)


week 7 (May 11): New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) (1:31.781 2020 ND2)


week 8 (May 25): Monticello Motor Club (2:40.156 2018 ND1)


week 9 (Jun 8): Mid Ohio (1:37.758 2018 ND1)


week 10 (Jun 22): Wakins Glen (2:10.982 2017 ND1)


week 11 (Jul 13): Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (MOSPORT) (1:36.369 2016 ND1)


week 12 (Jul 27): Indianapolis Road Course (INDIGP) (1:42.002 2020 ND2)


week 13 (Aug 10): Circuit of the Americas (COTA) (2:47.813 2018 ND1)


Week 14 (Aug 24): Laguna Seca (1:40.407 2017 ND1) -factory Kunos track-


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