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Open Wheel Racing Looking for Drivers + More for the Brand New F1 Championship!


Hi there! After Looking for some racing leagues that use F1 cars (or any Open Wheel cars) for Assetto Corsa, I couldn't find many available so ive decided to make my own. We will be using RSS F1 2020 cars using official F1 skins or custom made skins.

Features that I am planning will include:

  • Full F1 Season using official F1 tracks and other non official tracks to ma ke things interesting!
  • Race Control and Admins to monitor the race giving live penalties as well as deploying safety cars and VSC's when needed.
  • Streamed races with casters to live stream the races (planned but not 100% possible).
  • Regulations and Rules can be voted for and against and to be changed such as: Race Distance, Qualifying time, Tyre Wear etc.
  • Potentially thinking of allowing a formation lap where drivers line up on the grid and then starting the 5 red lights manually. Would depend on peoples opinions!

Rules and Regulations for the Assetto Corsa Server:

  • Tyre wear will be 200% default
  • Race Distance will be around 50% for the official F1 tracks with non official F1 tracks being calculated. The races will usually be about 45 minutes - 1 hour long.
  • Damage will be 100%
  • Fuel will be 100%
  • Slipstream: Default.
  • Qualifying will be around 12 - 15 Minutes depending on the track length.

How sessions will be run: (Days will be changed to days when best suitable for the majority)

  • 1 Free Practice on Fridays
  • 1 Free Practice on Saturday before Qualifying
  • Qualifying on Saturday
  • Race will commence after Qualifying.

Looking for:

  • Drivers
  • Management and staff to help set up everything (can be drivers aswell)
  • Casters
  • Designers.
  • Race Admins and Stewards.

We have got 2 practice races coming up and the dates will be annouced as soon as I have the members!


If you guys are interested then message Jackal#2914 on Discord. Thanks guys!

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