T1re League Racing

F1 Tier 1

F1 2020


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league description


T1RE League Racing


T1re league racing is currently just over halfway through a very successful first season. We currently have only 1 Tier, but are now ready to expand our league and create another Tier for season 2.


If you are looking for fun, friendly and fair racing, T1re is the league for you.


Our discord channel is full of friendly and helpful drivers who are all also full of of banter.


Our race rules give you the ability to report incidents that the game itself may not pick up on. these incidents are reviewed by our leagues very own race stewards, who will look over the incident clips and award penalties where necessary , you will also be able to appeal any incident reports against you. This is a big part to keeping our league racing clean and fair.


Our points system is different to real life F! and most F1 leagues, we offer points for any place so long as you finish the race, this helps encourage people to continue racing no matter what has happened during the race that may normally make you wish to quit.


At the end of every race we ask all drivers to vote for their Driver of the day, the winner of this vote is awarded one extra championship point.


we run 2 practice sessions during the week, you do not have to attend these, but they are there to help you practice race scenarios with other drivers.


Our race format:-

  • Short Qualifying
  • 50% race

Race settings and assists:-

  • Car Performance- Equal
  • Starting Grid- Qualifying
  • Safety Car-On
  • Collisions-On
  • Car Setup- Full
  • Ghosting-Off
  • Rules and Flags-On
  • Race Starts-Manual
  • Vehicle Damage-Full
  • Weather-Dynamic
  • Par Ferme Rules-On
  • Corner Cutting Stringency-Regular
  • Formation Lap-On


  • Braking Assist-Off
  • Anti Lock-ON/Off
  • Traction Control-Off/Medium
  • Dynamic Racing Line-Corners Only
  • Racing Line Type-3D
  • Gearbox-Auto/Manual
  • Pit Assist/Release-Off
  • ERS/DRS Assist-Off
  • Fuel Assist-Off


We welcome drivers of all ages and abilities, controller drivers and wheel drivers... so if you feel this league maybe for you or even if you are still a little unsure, feel free to come join the discord chat, have a look around and ask questions, we will all help you settle in and get racing with T1RE as soon as possible.


We look forward to seeing you out there on the grid.





COMMENTATORS WANTED... we have just lost our full time commentator due to work commitments, so we are now looking for 1 or more commentators to come join us at T1re and help share our exciting wheel to wheel action with viewers all around the world.

if this is something you maybe interested in, join our discord and come say hello.



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