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So here we are! The Grid Finder 2.0 beta has officially launched!

Below I'm going to let you all know what the plan is and how long we expect each phase to take (which isn't long - couple of weeks in total!)


So first thing's first, we're underway! As I write this, the beta testers are being loaded into the server and by the time you read this, they'll be exploring the new website, pointing out issues and optimisations for us. To them, I say thank you!

This limited beta will take place in 2 phases. The first phase has the testers working on a completely blank canvas, no leagues from old Grid Finder will be imported to Grid Finder 2.0 for this first beta phase. This means they can go through the process of creating leagues, championships, divisions/splits and of course races, all from scratch.

The testers will be able to try out our new features such as:

  • Specifying whether a championship or individual division is recruiting

  • Managing invites to a championship

  • Creating customisable applications to a championship

  • Viewing, accepting or rejecting applications to a championship

  • Duplicating race formats or entire divisions


After a few days of testing out a completely blank Grid Finder 2.0. Our head of development, director, database ninja and all-round good egg, Chris, will be copying all 1234 leagues (I'm not making that up!) to the new server.

Now of course, we expect this to be silky smooth operation - Carlos Sainz style. However our beta testers are there to make sure that all of their leagues appear on the new server and that they can access them with their old usernames and passwords. Chris will be watching over the process like a hawk, swooping down on any data glitches and attacking them without mercy.

This process should be finished - if all goes well - by the end of the weekend.

50 Shades of #FD7BoD

Now, if all has gone smoothly over the weekend, on Monday (19th April), we'll be inviting 50 of our existing league members to become early access testers!

Once those 50 league owners have entered the new server, seen that all their divisions are present and correct and we've addressed any issues that have arisen, we'll open up the server to the next 50 early access league owners, and so on, and so on.

We'll probably only need to go through this process 2 or 3 times before opening the flood gates and letting you all into the wonderful new Grid Finder 2.0.

How do you get on the list for early access?


  1. Make sure you're in the Grid Finder Discord server - [Join Here]

  2. Pick your role in the #take-your-place channel

  3. Go the announcements channel where you'll see a link to a Google Form

  4. Fill out the form

  5. Hurry! It's first-come-first-served!

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