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Updated: Feb 28

For every league that earns their Grid Finder Approved badge, there's always a couple who don't quite make the cut. Often this is just because they are too new and haven't managed to consistently achieve a full starting grid. That doesn't mean that they aren't without merit though! From now on, Grid Finder will be highlighting a new, up and coming league to help them grow and recognise the enormous amount of work that goes into getting a sim racing league off the ground! Introducing: Fresh Face Fridays!

This week we're introducing GTEL, a Gran Turismo Sport league hosting Gr.3 cars.

Photos by Kurt Steele

From the league owner:

We're the new kid on the block you could say, but how’d we come to be? Well Gran Turismo isn't the most popular when it comes to league racing and combined with our founder Ninn0n’s love for the game, racing and especially commentary, he founded the league with the hopes of bringing a competitive league to an underrepresented game.

But why's the league so special? The league is open to anyone of any skill with a very friendly community that is always here to help people improve, this makes us welcoming to newcomers to experience the joys of league racing without the worry of judgement. The skill at the front of the grid combined with the enthusiasm of the commentary makes it a unique spectacle keeping you always on the edge of your seat.

Photos by Kurt Steele

How are we different though? Well unlike most leagues with different tiers of competition having straight promotion and demotion for the bottom seeded and highest seeded in the respected tiers, we have playoffs which adds a little more competition in postseason, the bottom 4 from the first division and the top 4 from the second division have a 3 week mini league to see who competes in division 1 and 2 for the next season.

Photos by Kurt Steele

We also plan on holding special events using different cars with different formats and using different cars giving the drivers and other outside competitors a chance to have a break and have some fun without the stress of league standings.

Photos by Kurt Steele

Despite all this we are not perfect, our first special event the Bathurst 120 (a tribute to the Bathurst 12 Hour) wasn't so successful, the multiclass format made for some unfair BoPs and technical difficulties plagued the event but we see this as a good thing as we are able to learn from it and improve.

To summarize we are a friendly community that aims to help newcomers improve and experience league racing whilst also having competitive races and a thrilling stream!

Check out GTEL here!

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