Fresh Face Friday - OCE Racing League

Hello! We’re Gulz & krismania, and we run the OCE Racing League. We’ve been best mates for the better part of 20 years, and grew up together in Melbourne. Gulz is a lifelong F1 fan, attending every Australian Grand Prix since he was 5 for the last 20 years and has always had a massive passion for racing, while krismania’s interest has peaked more recently after he picked up F1 2016 on Steam. In 2017, we kicked off a yearly tradition, spending the full race weekend at the track.

The release of F1 2017 saw us begin to take sim racing more seriously - one of us would haul their PS4 and monitors, and we’d run LAN parties for hours on end. We gradually turned down the assists & improved our own racecraft, until we needed a bigger challenge than the AI. By 2019, we’d migrated to PC, picked up wheels, and spent tons of time looking for good online racing. In 2020 we took the next step and joined a league. Our experience during that year left much to be desired. We saw moments of intense, close racing, but those moments were often far and few between.

When the league we joined ended, we decided we’d take things into our own hands and create a league that we ourselves enjoyed taking part in. Our first attempt involved F1’s built-in league system. The league filled up before our first race, but when the race began it was just us. This highlighted the need for an actual community, so we set about creating one on Discord, and got to work spreading the word on Facebook, Reddit and the Codemasters community forum. Our first race at Australia had 5 drivers on the grid, but by mid-season we were consistently in the double digits. Fast forward to now, having just finished our second season, we now have a community of almost 100 drivers and two bustling tiers.

We decided early on that we should stream our races to generate some interest & share the fun. Streams made way for edited content, and today we produce highlights videos, top moments, pole laps and more. A particularly successful series has been our driver hot laps, where our league drivers record & commentate their laps of the tracks on our calendar. We’re between seasons at the moment, so we’re also having a shot at creating season summary content to bridge the gap while we take a break.

We’re excited to return to the race track in season three, after taking a break from racing to focus on delivering quality broadcasts each and every race. Now, with our community’s support, we have a bigger and better team to help us deliver the quality of racing and broadcasting that has become synonymous with our channels.

Looking forward, we hope to find sponsors and partners that can assist us in offering prize money to our drivers, to reward their commitment, passion and achievements within our league. We’d like to eventually expand our league offerings to cover a wide variety of sim-racing titles, and eventually develop the community into a fun, social, and competitive development sim-racing environment. Our ultimate dream is to one day see one (or more) of our drivers make it professionally as either an eSports or professional racer.

Thanks for taking the time to read! If you’d like to see our highlights & streams, check out our YouTube & Twitch channels. We also post videos & results to Twitter.

We also invite you to join our Discord page via our Grid Finder Profile and say hello. Whether you’d like to participate in the league, join our for-fun events, or become part of our growing community!

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