Fresh Face Friday - Sunday Drive Racing

We're back with another Fresh Face Friday! I have to admit that this community comes with a personal recommendation from me. It's perfect for me, the car and track changes every week, there's no running series and there's loads of friendly advice and chat. It's a nice way to enjoy sim racing and chat to people about mods, setups, new tracks and well... what we've been up to all week!

Assetto Corsa | PC | Sunday | Mixed Classes

Here at Sunday Drive Racing, we pride ourselves in providing a laid back and friendly community made up of drivers who want to experience organized racing with / against their friends and peers without the pressure and heavy rulesets that usually come with more serious league racing groups.

As the name suggests, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and are in it for the pure fun of racing. As such, we don’t race any specific disciplines. We host a variety of car classes, tracks, and eras. One week, we may be racing in GT3. Next, we might be racing in F1. On another weekend, we may be racing lawnmowers! (There actually is a mod for that and we’ve been thinking about it.) On top of all that, we don’t have any participation requirements to keep you in the group. Just come slot up on the grid whenever you’re free and able!

We may be a casual community, but we race hard on the track. We make sure that all of our members race fairly and cleanly to preserve the integrity of having great, organized fun. We haven’t had to have any sort of disciplinary action take place since our inception and we intend to keep it that way. The environment here is nothing but friendly and helpful.

We are definitely looking for more members to fill up our roster, so if we sound like a community you would like to be a part of, definitely drop by and say hello and we’ll get you up to speed right away!

If you fancy joining this group of passionate sim racers, click here Races are on Sundays at 2pm(PST) 5pm(EST) 10pm(GMT)

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