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Here at The Grid, we pride ourselves on working hard to bring you the best experience where possible. New or old to the sim racing world and gaming. We have what you need to improve and more importantly enjoy what each title offers you on Xbox

Club members are here because we want them here, we are not for the faint-hearted nor are we inaccessible. We are not about numbers, each and every member provides a vital ingredient for our recipe which allows us to be successful in what we do.

The Club was born out of the collapse of another where 150 enthusiastic individuals were left wandering and looking for a new home to race. What made things a little more stressful was the fact that we were in full swing of a GT3 series on Project Cars 1. CJ was one of those drivers and felt compelled to give the drivers a new home.

72 hours later The Grid Racing Club was born, and in its infancy was thrown into the lions den of Xbox Sim Racing. The club is now over 3 years old and has developed over that time in line with its member needs. There have been highs and lows like any club and we continue to push our limits to deliver content to our members.

We run on Project Cars 2, F1, F2 and the original Assetto Corsa as a baseline. With any club we always look to the future and what it may hold for the console racing scene which at times can be left wanting. But we remain hopeful for future titles.

We run leagues and single events of all types using almost all the content our chosen titles provide. We like to vary our leagues to give our drivers a varied experience. This allows them to develop as they experience what we host and run. This is where some of our strength is as we find combinations of track and cars that in a normal light would not go together, yet with the correct league format can deliver some fantastic racing and continues to regularly.

For us it's a social and competitive club where anyone is welcome over the age of 18. Mutual respect and honesty are paramount with us. We also understand that our members have a life outside the club. Our leagues are open and drivers may come and go as they please creating a competitive spirit for the others who choose to show up for every meet in the hope of gaining the points others cannot. We have seen and continue to see brand new drivers being some of our most competitive in a matter of months due to the support they receive from the loyal Grid Family.

We recently moved from our home on Facebook and now reside on Discord where our future lies.We have plans as all do you and have our targets set clearly on the esteemed Grid Finder approved stamp of approval.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story

We hope to see you on track real soon.

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