Fresh Face Friday - Women's Racing League, F1 2020

Women's Racing League is a new league dedicated to encourage and inspire women into sim racing.

Read more about the league in this article written by league founder, Rosie Richardson

I have been sim racing since the early days of Formula 1 2010, however I only started multiplayer racing when the F1 2019 game came along. In the year that I have been racing online in multiple leagues and divisions, I have never been able to find another female sim racer to play with. This inspired me to set up a league where women could come together and race each other in a friendly yet competitive environment. Over the next few months I used the skills I had learned being an admin for Formula Racing League to set up my own server and begin searching for female drivers.

The mission of the Women's Racing League is to create a gateway to bring more girls into sim racing and motorsport in general. We need more woman in motorsport to challenge gender roles and to showcase the diversity and creativity we can offer in terms of driving style and finesse. The last woman to start a Formula 1 race was Lella Lombardi in Austria 1976, but with events such as the W-Series debuting in 2019, we are starting to see a positive change in the sport. We hope our league can inspire those who may not be able to compete in real life racing to compete in the equally exciting sim racing world. Our aim as a league is to, one day, be able to run a league with a full grid made up entirely of women drivers.

WRL only has a small grid currently made up of Red Bull, McLaren, Renault and Williams teams, as we are slowly building up the league. However, this doesn't stop us from racing! Our first round in Hungary was a huge success, with team Renault taking an early lead in the championship. We have 10 races planned for our inaugural season, as well as a few league events along the way, (including a time trial series and F1 Fantasy league). All races are streamed on YouTube with our commentator ISRL-Chris85.

You can also find us on Instagram where we post regular updates, including: Race results, season standings, driver performance, pole laps and more! We race on PS4, F1 2020, Thursday nights at 8pm GMT, all assists are available, corner cutting strict, dynamic weather and reduced damage, this means we are open to anyone, no matter the ability or experience of the driver.

In summary, we offer a friendly yet competitive environment to encourage women racers to push themselves and show their ability, while inspiring other women to become interested in sim-racing, motorsports and Formula 1. If you are someone that may be interested, or know a girl who is, then please feel free to join our league and help us become even bigger and better than we already are, we can't wait to see you on tack!

To join in with this growing community, click here: WRL Grid Finder Profile

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