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The Ladies Night Out Racing league had their official debut race on Saturday April 17th at Chicagoland Speedway where we saw a respectable turnout with 17 ladies taking to the track. Broadcasted on the Old Bastards Racing League media platforms with commentating being done once again by iRacers Lounge: Aftermath podcast crew Tony Groves, Tony Rochette and Chris Scales.

The field was led by Sara Murphy #38 on the pole followed by Jackie Chalmers #321 P2, Kelsea Gussler #86 P3, Hannah Howell #06 P4 and Chantelle Pottle #5 finishing out the top five racing order.

The field took the green flag with an early battle between Sara Murphy #38 and Kelsea Gussler #86, but Sara was able to hold her off when the caution came out on lap 2 due to Heather Everaets #9 losing control and sliding into pitroad. The ladies would pace in single file with Murphy still holding P1, Gussler P2, Pottle #5 P3 and Hagit Meshulam #7 P4.

On the Lap 7 restart, Trisha Hess #33 appeared to have blown a motor during restart, but the field stayed green. Lap 9 brought our second caution when the #86 of Kelsea Gussler lost control hitting the outside wall hard. That would pace the field with Murphy still holding P1, Pottle P2, Meshulam P3, Chalmers P4 and Lisa Grightmire #4 P5. When we start again on lap 14, Murphy and Pottle battle for P1 while back in the field there was a battle between Maria Beebe #07 and Janice Tarson #3 for P7 as Tarson fought back to maintain P7. When Grightmire #4 and Danielle Rutherford #17 made contact, Grightmire #4 lost control but managed to get the car to the apron safely so the rest of the field stayed green going into lap 17 where we would see our third caution when Everaets #9 got on the apron with the left side tires and could not maintain control spinning to the top of the track. This would line up the ladies in single file with Murphy holding strong in P1, Pottle P2, Meshulam P3 and Chalmers P4.

Sara Murphy #38 would restart the field on lap 22 with Pottle close on her battling for the top spot. Chantelle Pottle #5 over came Sara Murphy #38 for the lead while Jackie Chalmers #321 hits the wall but keeps control, unfortunately losing some spots putting her back to P10. Hagit #7 in P3 was closing the gap on the P2 of Sara Murphy when Meshulam grazed the wall but maintained P3. Caution comes out on Lap 22 for the fourth time with contact between Sarah Demana #51 and Vanessa Daly #32 when Demana spun out of control hitting the grass and shooting up the track into the catch fencing when she went airborne.

The field was tightened up the once again with Pottle #5 P1, Murphy #38 P2, Meshulam #7 P3, Alexis Brumfield #11 P4 and Tarson #3 rounding out the top five. Pit stops by the ladies during caution put Meshulam in the lead followed by Brumfield P2, Tarson P3, Beebe P4 and Amy Mercklen P5. Restart on lap 33 had Meshulam #7 leading the field in turn 1, but Murphy #38 with fresh tires quickly makes her move back to the front in P3 with Pottle #5 not far behind in P5 when caution number five came out on lap 35 after the #11 car of Brumfield and #321 of Chalmers made hard contact and collected Murphy #38 sending her into the outside wall when Chalmers lost control when hitting the apron.

The field lined up for the green flag on lap 39 with Meshulam holding onto the lead followed by Pottles P2, Beebe P3, Tarson P4 and Rutherford P5. The restart on lap 40 is when Hannah Howell #06 takes P5 from Danielle Rutherford #17. The #4 of Grightmire and #07 of Maria Beebe made contact but were able to save their cars. As Beebe lost some spots, Grightmire took P5 position and Howell was able to slip into P4. Then more trouble for Brumfield #11 when she hit the apron and went up the track but maintained control of the car keeping it under green. We had a battle between Grightmire and Chalmers for P5. As Meshulam loses positions with older tires in P4, Grightmire tries to go high around Meshulam but there is not enough room and contact is made with Chalmers.

With two laps to go, Chantelle Pottle #5 has the lead battling off Janice Tarson in P2 and Hannah Howell P3. In the last lap between Howell #06 P3 and Tarson #3 P2, Howell fights to get the position but Tarson holds P2. Field finishes under green with Chantelle Pottle #5 for the win, Janice Tarson #3 P2 and Hannah Howell #06 P3.

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