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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Presenting Ladies of iRacing!

Ladies of iRacing is a rare, ladies-only sim racing league. Now onto their third race of their first season, they've grown to 50 members and have caught the attention of the iRacers Lounge podcast who have featured them in one of their episodes (definitely worth a listen if you're an iRacer!)

Ladies of iRacers admin, Janice, has this message for ladies interested in sim racing:

The league is dedicated to introducing ladies to the fun of simulated racing. Why should the guys get to have all of the fun?!?! 😁

Whether you are an experienced iRacer or have never even sat in a rig, if you want to give racing a try, or are just thinking about giving it a go then this group is for you.

The admins of this group plan to schedule and host Ladies Only "Powderpuff" races We are starting with free cars and free tracks and there is no entry fee so that everyone has an opportunity to participate!

Ladies of iRacing- Charlotte Motor Speedway Race Report 10/17/2020

The ladies of iRacing took on Charlotte Motor speedway on Saturday Oct 17th in their third race of the season. With a small field of just 7 drivers, the ladies put on an amazing show.

Lindsey Lyles would qualify P1 and start on the inside lane with Kaycie Marshall qualifying P2 on her outside. Second row in P3 Janice Tarson and in P4 Hagu Meshulam on the outside. Row three Lisa Grightmire P5 and Kerrie Harper in P6. With Hanna Howell in the 06 bringing up the rear in P7.

Contact between Lindsey in the 1 and Kaycie in the 24 car would lead to Kaycie Marshall taking the lead on lap 5 with Janice Tarson taking P2. Lindsey would quickly catch back up to Kaycie and Janice taking P2 on the 13th lap, leaving Janice in P3. The 22 car of Kerrie Harper running in P6 would make contact with the inside wall on lap 15 opening the door for Hannah Howell to take P5 with Hagu holding strong in P4 from the start of the race.

Lisa Grightmire in the 4 car would move from P7 to P6 on lap 21. Lindsey and Kaycie would battle it out for 1st with Janice hot on their tail in P3. Kaycie would move off her inside line on lap 28 leaving room for Lindsey in the 1 car to take back the lead. Contact Between the 1 and 24 of Kaycie would lead to both spinning out and taking out Janice in P3 throwing the first caution of the night. The number 5 of Hagit would take the lead under caution with Kaycie Marshall starting on her outside in P2 with Lindsey Lyles in P3 on the inside lane with Hannah on her outside in P4. Janice in P5 with Lisa in P6 and Kerrie in the number 22 in P7.

With only 3 cars on the lead lap with 18 laps to go. Hagu would lead two laps under green before contact between her and Kaycie in the 24 car would lead to a caution with 16 laps to go. We would stack the field back up under yellow with Hagit still in the lead, Lindsey in P2 on her outside, Kaycie in P3, Hannah on her outside in P4, Janice in P5, Lisa in P6, Kerrie in P7. We went green flag racing with 12 laps to go. An intense battle between the 5 of Hagu and 1 of Lindsey would lead to the 1 car spinning out onto pit row with 10 laps to go.

It would not lead to a caution and we would keep racing with Hagu in P1 with Kaycie right behind her in P2. Lap 42 Kerrie in the 22 car would spin out bringing out the yellow flag with 8 laps to go. Hannah would get the lucky dog and move into P3. Contact between the 22 car and the 1 car of Lindsey would lead to another caution with 3 laps to go. The race would end under a green white checker finish with Hannah Taking P1, Hagu P2 and Lindsey in P3.

-Admin Jess

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