Ladies of iRacing- Michigan Motor Speedway Race Report

The ladies are back! Have a read through this fantastic race report they've produced! More importantly, tell the lady in your life about this great community so they can get involved!

I'm really enjoying the partnership between the Ladies of iRacing and Grid Finder, the group is exactly what Grid Finder is all about - community. Ladies of iRacing have also just launched their very own Grid Finder store, check it out!

The Ladies of iRacing once again fired up their street stocks and took to the Michigan Motor Speedway in the last race of the season for the ugly sweater 50 lap party.

Jess Wooten #12 car qualify for pole position with Daniell Rutherford in the #41 qualifying P2, Kaycie Marshall #36 P3 on the inside and Alysa Queen #62 taking P4. The green flag would wave with Kaycie quickly taking the inside line and jumping into P1 with Jess in P2. We would see our first caution on turn 4 when the #41 car spun into the wall bringing out the yellow flag.

The ladies got stacked back up ready to go green flag racing. We would see Kaycie in the #36 in P1, Jess #12 in P2 on her outside, Jasmine Beach #44 car in P3 and Lisa Grightmire #4 on the outside in P4. Angelica Tinmerman in the #27 would overtake Lisa on lap 7 pushing her into P5. We would see the ladies run two wide with Jess in the #12 trying to make the move on Kaycie #36 on the outside line battling for P1. Angelica would drive to the center running 3 wide into turn 4 making contact with the #12 and spinning out bringing out the second caution of the night.

With one lap till green we would still see Kaycie in the #36 in P1 with Jasmine #44 car in P2, Lisa on the inside in P3 and Jess Wooten #12 P4. Lisa would get a great restart jumping into P2 with Jess behind her in P3 going into turn one. With Jasmine #44 car in P4 running the high outside line we would see Alyssa Queen in the #62 take the inside line taking P4 and pushing the #44 car to P5. On lap 14 Jess would take

the outside line battling Lisa for P2. Another battle behind them for P4 between the #44 And the #62 car would result in Alyssa Queen in the #62 taking P4 leaving Jasmine #44 in P5. They would go three wide into turn one with Alyssa diving into the middle making contact with the #12 and spinning out hitting the

inside wall.

We would see no caution from that accident and we would continue racing with Kaycie P1, Lisa P2, Jess P3 and Jackie Swank #69 car P4. On lap 18 Angelica #27 would take P4 on the outside from the #69 car. The #32 and #69 would make contact on turn four spinning both off the track with no caution. Angelica Timmerman taking P4 and Janice Tarson in the #3 in P5. On lap twentytwo Janice #3 would move into P4 taking the inside line on the #27. We would see a battle for P5 when the #43 of LaNeta Roth would go three wide with the #27 of Angelica and #3 of Janice.

The #27 would collect the #43 car and the #3 along with several cars in the back bringing out the yellow on lap 23. With 25 laps left to go the ladies would get ready to go green flag racing with Kaycie still holding P1, #12 on her outside in P2, Lisa #4 in P3, Jasmine #44 P4, Hannah Howell in P5 and Ashley Visser #23 in P6. The #23 would quickly take P5 bumping Hannah into P6. We would see the #06 drop back due to front

end damage with the #15 of Jessica O’Hara taking P6 and Janice #3 taking P7. We would see another caution with 22 laps left to go collecting most the field behind Kaycie and Jess with the #12 edging out Kaycie taking P1.

The Ladies would get ready once again to go green flag racing with 19 laps to go. In the Front P1 Jess #12, P2 Kaycie #36, P3 Jessica #15, P4 Vanessa #32. Kaycie would be quick to jump into P1 with Jess in P2. The #32 car would move up into P3 with Lisa in the #4 car making her way back to the front of the field into P5 with 15 laps to go. Vanessa would battle Jess for P2 taking it for a few laps before Jess would take P2 back and Jessica #15 taking P3 with only 8 laps left. With only 6 laps to go we would see Jess and Kaycie get together collecting the cars behind and throwing a caution.

With only 2 laps left to go the ladies would be making a dash for the finish line with Lisa #4 car P1, Danielle #41 car P2, Jess #12 P3, Kaycie #36 P4 and LaNeta #43 P5. With some confusion on the restart Jess jumped up into P1 with Kaycie right behind in P2 and Danielle P3. With 1 lap to go Kaycie and Jess would get together again wrecking with Danielle taking the win. We would see on the podium P1 Danielle Daly #41 P1, Jackie Swank #69 P2 and Lisa Grightmire #4 in P3.

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