Ladies of iRacing - Racing into 2021

Charlotte Motor Speedway Race Report


The Ladies of iRacing took on the new year with a new car, upgrading from the asphalt street stocks to the cup cars. We would see the ladies take to the Charlotte Motor Speedway in their first race of the season!

We would see the ladies throw down a two-lap qualifier with Jessica O’Hara in the 15 car taking pole position, Kelsea Gussler 86 P2, Kayla McCarthy 24 P3 and Amanda Sherman 8 in P4.

With the green flag out McCarthy 24 would quickly jump into P2 bumping the 86 car to P3 and Angelica Timmerman 27 taking P4 before we would see our first caution of the race. We would stack them back up ready for a double file restart on lap 4 with Jessica 15 on the inside in P1, McCarthy 24 on her outside in P2, Gussler P3 on the inside and Timmerman P4 on her outside.

We would see a good restart with McCarthy taking the lead after the Jessica 15 car spun off the track. Moving Timmerman to P2, Gussler into P3 and Ria Ferris 97 into P4.

A caution on lap 8 would give the ladies a chance to close the gaps and stack the cars back up and we would go green flag racing on lap 12. We would still see the 24 car in P1 with Gussler P2, Timmerman P3 and Ria P4. We would see Jess Wooten 12 car jump into P4 after the restart with Ria in P5. We would see another caution on lap 15 when the 51 spun collecting a few cars in the back field.

The ladies would go green flag racing again on lap 18. With McCarthy still holding strong in P1, Gussler 86 car P2, Timmerman P3 and Wooten in P4. The ladies wouldn’t make it a full lap before seeing another caution on the field. On lap 23 we would see the ladies stack back up for another double file restart waiting for the green flag to wave. The 24 of McCarthy still P1 on the inside, 86 of Gussler P2 on the outside line, Timmerman 27 P3 and Wooten 12 car P4 on the outside.

The ladies would get a great restart with the 12 car diving under Timmerman in turn one to take P3. On lap 25 we would see Lisa move to the inside of Timmerman to take P4 pushing Timmerman to P5. We would see a caution come out on that lap pushing Lisa back to P5 and Timmerman to P4. With Gussler P2 pitting under caution we would see the ladies stack up double file with McCarthy P1 on the inside, Wooten P2 outside line, Timmerman P3 and Grightmire P4 on her outside.

With the green flag out on lap 29 we would see Wooten in the 12 car jump into P1 going into turn one with McCarthy in P2 and Lisa in P3. McCarthy would retake P1 on lap 30 with Wooten in P2 and Grightmire in P3. We would see another caution on lap 32 giving the ladies another chance at a great restart. Grightmire would pit under this caution moving Timmerman into P3 and Kriesel 6 car to P4. On lap 35 the ladies would get ready again to go green flag racing with McCarthy holding strong in P1, Wooten hot on her tail in P2, Timmerman on the inside line in P3, Kriesel in P4 and O’Hara who made her way back through the field in P5.

After another good restart, the 2 lead cars would start to pull away before another caution would be thrown on lap 36 when the 13 car of Piper came down on the 6 of Kriesel collecting a few other cars in the mix. With 9 laps left of the race at Charlotte, we would see these ladies try another run at a double file restart. Your leader McCarthy in P1, Wooten on the outside line in P2, Timmerman P3 inside, O’Hara in P4,

Gussler P5 and Ferris in P6. We would see the pace car pull off with the 24 of McCarthy getting a good jump out front with Wooten right behind her.

The ladies would only make it two laps under green before another caution would come out. Lap 47 we would see the ladies go green flag racing with the 24 of McCarthy in the lead, Wooten right behind her in P3 and Gussler in P3 down into turn one. Another caution would come out lap 49 giving them one last chance at a restart for the night.

For the last restart of the race, we would see your leader McCarthy P1, Wooten P2, Gussler P3 on the inside, Timmerman in P4 on the outside, O’Hara in P5 and Ferris in P6. The green flag would wave on lap 53 with the ladies giving it one final push to the finish. On the final lap we would see the ladies coming into the last turn with McCarthy P1, Wooten P2 and Gussler P3. Gussler would get into the back of Wooten spinning her on the last lap taking out Timmerman as well as a few others. McCarthy would take the checker flag with Gussler taking P2 and O’Hara taking P3.

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