(Re)Fresh Face Friday - Intercontinental Racing League

F1 2020 | PC | Friday | 1900GMT

Here at the Intercontinental Racing League, we take pride in a number of things we feel we do differently from other leagues, one being an entirely overhauled calendar! As our name may suggest, we think mixing up the calendar may have some interesting results with what we think the F1 Circus may look like heading to different places around the world, one continent at a time (I hope you see that pun). We have what it takes for the PC F1 community to test their worth against the best of the best.

One may look at us as just a regular racing league that's been around for some time, but our recent history paints a different picture. Managing a league can be quite difficult when trying to grow as much as you can. Behind the scenes, managing the league has not been a smooth experience, there have been many challenges which have tested the resolve of myself and our admins. I'm writing this article to offer a valuable insight to you aspiring league owners: "The Other Side Of Running A Racing League".

Running a sim racing league can be extremely hard work, as the original 5 founders found out very quickly. As the league grew and grew, enticing the sim racing community to join us was the number 1 priority and what better way than a few social races to get the ball rolling! When starting out in your league management journey, I suggest that you run some fun race before starting your championship. Rushing your first race definitely won't help attract new drivers if you don't yet have enough drivers to provide a full grid.

There is a hidden side to the management of sim racing leagues. It is not uncommon to have disagreements with your admins and co-founders. There are many many ways to run a league and each have their merits. A valuable skill that any aspiring league owner will need to refine when setting out on their league management journey is diplomacy. The last thing a new league wants is a rogue splinter group taking your members and starting their own venture off the back of your hard work! We recently experienced a departure of a significant number of drivers and admins due to various disagreements. However, we now see this is a positive, a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate to re-build our league bigger and better. We are now a well established league with a brand new fresh outlook and some exciting plans for the future.

When growing your league, go steady. Don't try to grow too quickly. Think carefully about all sides of the argument whenever a dispute arises within your community and try not to isolate any of your members by falling to firmly on one side of the fence.

Intercontinental Racing League is about to start a new era in our history and we'd love you to join us. If you're interesting in joining us or finding out more about our league, visit Our Grid Finder Page

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