The Ladies of iRacing Are Back Again!

The Ladies of iRacing group is growing and they're back racing again at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

This group of racers is growing into an exciting new female community in what tends to be a very male dominated environment. Their fresh approach to racing is shining a light on the sad fact that very few women have discovered the joys of sim racing. I am keen to use my platform to promote good causes, and encouraging more women into sim racing is definitely one of them!

Read their most recent race report below...

The Ladies of iracing once again took to the Charlotte Motor speedway on Saturday Nov 14th in their 4th race of the season. The ladies would see a great turn out for this race with a field of 18 lady drivers.

Angelica Timmerman in the number 27 car would qualify for P1, Kacie Marshall 36 in P2 and Hannah Howell in the 06 machine in P3 and Janice Tarson 3 car in P4. After a rough start to the race we would see our first caution coming out on the first lap with the 36 car and the 62 car making contact in turn four.

The number 7 of Hagit would also be collected in the wreck. We would stack the field back up under caution for a double file restart with Timmerman in P1 on the inside, Howell in P2 on the outside, Jess Wooten in the 12 in P3 on the inside and Janice Tarson P4 on the outside line. The pace car would pull off the track and we would attempt to go green flag racing until the back of the field bunched up. No cautions would come out and we would keep racing until a wreck on turn four when the 69 car of Jackie Swank would get loose and into Danesh Muncy in the 2 car bringing out the third caution of the race.

Angelica Timmeran still holding strong in P1, Hannah Howell in P2, Jess Wooten in P3 and Janice Tarson in P4 with 48 laps to go. The green flag would once again wave and the ladies would complete several green flag laps. Hannah Howell would drive down to the inside opening the door for Janice to take P2 and Hannah P3 dropping Jess Wooten back to P4.

Another caution would stack the ladies back up after only 5 laps completed out of 50. After a great battle Janice would take the lead with 27 dropping back to P2. Jancie would lose her P1 spot due not making a complete lap before the caution putting her back into P2 and the 27 into P1. We would go green flag racing on lap 7. The ladies went 3 wide into turn two with the 13 car of Haley Piper splitting the 06 and the

12 car to take P3. The 06 of Howell and the 12 of Wooten would battle it out with Hannah Taking P4 And Jess P5.

Janice Tarson in the 3 car would take the lead from the 27 car of Angelica on the 14th lap. The 36 car of Marshall came from the back to take P5 pushing Hannah to P6. Kaycie would take the inside line and pass Jess for P4 and then the 13 taking P3. Contact between the 13 and 36 would collect the 12 of Jess and the 76 bringing out a caution on lap 18.

Janice Tarson 3 car would lead the restart in P1 with the 13 of Piper on her outside in P2, Kaycie Marshall in P3 and Hannah Howell 06 in P4. The 43 car and 76 would get together before completing a lap bringing out another caution and bunching the field back up for another restart with Kaycie in P2 and Haley in P3 this time around. The 36 would take the lead from the 3 car of Janice on lap 23 with the 13 car hot on her tail in P3. The middle of the field would start making ground on the top 4 cars with the 2 car

of Danesha quickly closing the gap in P5 with the 36 of Jackie Swank in P6 right behind her.

A battle for P3 between the 13 of Piper and the 06 of Howell would lead to Howell taking the position until the 13 got into Howell causing both to spin out bringing out another caution with 23 laps to go. With one to go left to green we have Kaycie Marshall 23 in P1 inside line, Janice Tarson 03 on her outside in P2, Danesha Muncy on the inside in P3, Jackie swank 69 car in P4 on the outside. We would see them go 3

wide into turn 1 after the green flag with the 12 of Jess wooten making her way back to the front into P4 passing Swank in the 69 on the inside. The 13 would also make her way back to the front in a battle with the 69 car for P5. The 13 would lose control and spin out bringing out a yellow flag with 21 laps to go.

Kayce Marshall leading the restart in P1, Janice Tarson holding strong in P2 on her outside, Danesha 2 car in P3 on the inside and Jess Wooten 12 car P4 on the outside line. The 2 car would move up the track after the restart leaving the door open for the 12 of Jess to take P3. They would battle it out for a few laps with the 2 taking back P3.

The middle of the field would get together throwing another caution with 12 laps

to go. We would stack them up in the same order as the last restart with Kaycie 36 in P1, Janice 3 in P2, Danesha 2 in P3 and Wooten 12 in P4. The drivers would see some troubles on the restart with the 2 car taking P2 from Janice and the 69 taking P4 from the 12 car. A wreck in turn 4 in the back of the field would cause caution number 13 for the night giving the ladies another shot at a restart with 11 laps to go.

Kaycie Marshall on the pole in P1, Danesha in the 2 on the outside in P2, Janice Tarson in P3 and Jess Wooten in P4. Janice would get a great restart shooting back into P2 with Jess 12 right behind her in P3 and Haley Piper in the 13 takin P4 squeezing out the 2 car on the outside line. The 2 of Danesha would get in to the wall and take out the 13 of Haley. We would see the race end under cation with the clock running out on the session with only 2 laps left to go with Kaycie Marshall 36 taking First, Janice Tarson 3 taking P2 and Jess Wooten 12 taking P3.

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