VRCC DTM Group A Round 7

The final round of the VRCC Group A DTM Series took place on 14th March at the Nurburgring GP circuit for a battle of attrition with scores to settle. Abbitt Motorsport were crowned team champions after last week, and Ben Abbitt only needed one point to secure the driver’s championship coming into the final round. Behind him the battle for second and third undecided between brother Dan and Ambrex Racing’s Alex Jamieson. Jamieson was also looking to secure second place in the team’s standings with AJR Motorsport breathing down Ambrex Racing’s necks only five points behind.

Race 1

Alex Jamieson assumed his normal position on pole in qualifying with Dan Abbitt and Ben Abbitt starting in second and third. Rounding out the second row was Alexander Rhodes of AJR Motorsport who was looking for as many points as possible to topple Ambrex Racing's position in the team's standings.

The lights went out and Alex Jamieson had a fantastic start losing out only to Dan Abbitt as they approached the Yokohama-S at turn one. Alex managed to fend off the Alfa Romeo by the end of the first lap and took back first place. Behind them AJR Motorsport’s Alexander Rhodes had a tremendous first couple of laps and managed to get past Ben Abbitt, taking second place, which he held until about five minutes to go.

Behind them Charlie Heath of AJR Motorsport and Ben Abbitt battled for fourth, with Charlie making the move, finding himself in the middle of an Abbitt Motorsport sandwich.

With fourteen minutes to go, it was all action further down the field as Jirka Štěrba (Independent) and Daniel Collins of Three Wheels Racing began to battle for twelfth place, although the way they were driving you'd be fooled into thinking it was for a podium position. Jirka, in the only BMW left on the grid, stalked the Mercedes of Daniel but couldn't quite launch a decisive attack. Dan defended magnificently throughout the race in a fantastic show of fair, quality racing, eventually coming out on top and taking twelfth.

As the race battled on Alex Jamieson went into time trial mode and extended his lead to over eleven seconds. Behind him, the battle for the podium intensified with Ben Abbitt passing Charlie Heath in fourth and Dan Abbitt getting past Alexander Rhodes. With Alexander’s soft tyres degrading by the lap, Dan extended his lead in the hunt for Alex Jamieson.

Alexander Rhodes now sitting in third defended for his life from the hungry Ben Abbitt, and saw his teammate Charlie Heath get passed by Stu Neale in the end stages of the race, further dropping their chances of taking enough points to beat Ambrex Racing in the championship.

Ben and Alexander had a fantastic final lap battle which saw a couple of touch-and-go moments for the AJR Motorsport driver, but he managed to maintain his position and take his third podium of the series. Alex Jamieson sailed to a decisive win, his third in a row.

Race 2

A similar start to race two saw Alex Jamieson and Dan Abbitt neck and neck flying into the first lap. Dan eventually settled into the lead while Alex had to contend with Ben Abbitt clawing at his heels. A fantastic battle between the pair ensued for second place.

Close behind, AJR Motorsport teammates Alexander Rhodes and Charlie Heath worked well together to close the gap to Jamieson, and swap places a couple of times to save their tyres – a strategy that has been hit-and-miss for the team as they have favoured the soft tyres throughout the series.

Alex Richardson of Flying Tangerine Racing appeared behind the pair, with them unable to stop him taking sixth place as Heath dropped to seventh.

Up ahead Alex Jamieson took second place and a mistake from Ben Abbitt allowed Alexander Rhodes, now in fourth, to close the gap between them.

With Charlie Heath and Alex Richardson battling it out for fifth place, Stu Neale of Three Wheels Racing joined the party. Charlie moves to overtake Alex but makes a fatal error that sees both Stu and Alex Richardson through.

Stu Neale, now on a rampage, caught up to Alexander Rhodes’ Alfa Romeo and the two battle it out with unfortunate contact seeing Alexander leave the track. Alex Richardson capitalised on this and makes a move in the chicane, dropping Alexander down to eighth. AJR Teammate Roy Grassie came through at this point to take the fight to Richardson, with the team desperate for every last point if they stood a chance at taking second in the team’s standings.

A fantastic attribute of the VRCC drivers is the ability to acknowledge when they have made mistakes, and Stu Neale demonstrated this with a mature move, by eventually giving the place back to Alexander Rhodes after their contact.

Up ahead the winner of the race was yet to be decided, with Alex clawing at Dan’s heels into the final lap, when Dan goes wide on the final corner, allowing Alex Jamieson to take the win – his fourth in a row.

Concluding the VRCC Group A DTM series with a fantastic race at a historic track. Alex Jamieson's two race wins were enough for Ambrex Racing to take second place in the team's championship after a hard-fought battle with AJR Motorsport who finish in third.

Ben Abbitt was crowned victorious in the driver's championship after a dominant display this series and had this to say

“It's so great to win the inaugural VRCC Group A championship. Overall the season went well. With only one round where I had to retire due to technical issues, the rest was just capitalising on the opportunities as they came. The final race was my favourite, knowing I'd won the championship I could focus on trying to secure an Abbitt 1-2 in the championship. Overall the driving standards were great, everyone was improving throughout the year. The second season will be even better”.

The dates for the second season are yet to be announced but keep an eye on the VRCC Facebook page or Discord for future updates. The VRCC will now be focussing its attention on the upcoming Virtual Touring Car Cup and their new Clio cup.


Race 1

1st – Alex Jamieson (Ambrex Racing)

2nd – Dan Abbitt (Abbitt Motorsport)

3rd – Alexander Rhodes (AJR Motorsport)

4th – Ben Abbitt (Abbitt Motorsport)

5th – Stu Neale (Three Wheels Racing)

6th – Charlie Heath (AJR Motorsport)

7th – Alex Richardson (Flying Tangerine Racing)

8th – Roy Grassie (AJR Motorsport)

9th – Nathan Birch (Two-Tone Racing)

10th – Trev Hummer (Two-Tone Racing)

Race 2

1st – Alex Jamieson (Ambrex Racing)

2nd – Dan Abbitt (Abbitt Motorsport)

3rd – Ben Abbitt (Abbitt Motorsport)

4th – Charlie Heath (AJR Motorsport)

5th – Alex Richardson (Flying Tangerine Racing)

6th – Roy Grassie (AJR Motorsport)

7th – Alexander Rhodes (AJR Motorsport)

8th – Stu Neale (Three Wheels Racing)

9th – Nathan Birch (Two-Tone Racing)

10th – Nick Isherwood (Independent)

About the VRCC

The VRCC is a community of drivers organising leagues across multiple sim racing platforms including Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, and Assetto Corsa Competizione. Races are run throughout the week and are often accompanied by live commentary and broadcasts on various platforms. The community is best known for its Virtual Touring Car Cup, but have also provided race series with Ginettas, MX-5s and Vintage F1 to name a few, alongside occasional stand-alone events. Follow their page on Facebook to find out more, or join in the conversation on Discord.

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