Where is the Variety in Sim Racing?

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Back in the day (which happened to be a Thursday) of traditional sports, it was nearly unheard of to meet someone who only played a single sport. You played football, you played baseball, you played basketball, hell you even picked up a tennis racket if it was just sitting on the ground, so why do we have so many leagues that are only focused on a single type of racing? For professional drivers it makes sense, they get paid to be proficient in a single-car, but it is honestly getting quite boring with just how many leagues I find that are nearly identical to one another. We think it’s time to shake things up, not only for our own sake but for the sake of the sim racing industry.

A few months ago we started watching this lad named Moonhead on twitch, he runs a daily series and now a premier league called Mooncar Live that is easily the most entertaining show in sim racing. While it is primarily oval racing with some road courses mixed in, it brings one very unique element, every race is completely different so the drivers never get too comfortable with what they are driving. On Monday’s they oval race in Miata’s and the next night they might be racing cup series cars at Daytona but drivers have to take the chicane in the backstretch, no one really knows what kind of racing is going to happen until a few hours before. Typically, the races are pure mayhem but they offer some great competition, and it's actually incredibly challenging for the drivers. The league has become so popular that several NASCAR series drivers are frequently seen dropping in a few nights a week which has attracted hundreds if not thousands of viewers to his stream every week.

We understand that this level of variety may not be for everyone but, here are a few reasons why this needs to catch on:

  1. A Change of Pace

  2. It’s Good for the eSport

A Change of Pace

We all love sim racing, why else would we all spend thousands of dollars and hours on it? But at the same time, sim racing has reached this era of every major stream is either a carbon copy of a real-world series or it’s no different than anything else you can watch on twitch. Typically, you get the same big names driving either GT, formula, or prototype cars around the same 10-15 tracks and that’s about it. No real change and no real surprises since they are all very proficient in the car that they are driving so unless someone wrecks, you are typically sitting around waiting until the final lap for any real action to take place. Do you know what would be awesome? If we took those same drivers and put them in a series in that change’s cars race types every week. Not only would this be entertaining for viewers, but it will also expose those sim racers that rely on having a superior setup and let those who have raw talent actually shine. Imagine one week you’re racing the old Lotus’ at the Daytona road course then the next week you have rallycross cars mixing it up at the new Bristol Dirt Oval.

It’s Good for the eSport

Sim racing will always live in the shadow of real racing, it’s a fact that some people refuse to believe which makes for some pretty entertaining squabbles on the Twitter machine. Anyway, one thing that sim racing does have an advantage over real racing is that it can mix things up really fast. Sim racing drivers can basically do what Fernando Alonso has been doing for the last few seasons in a single night and that’s what makes it so impressive when someone is fast all around. Without gloating about Moonhead and his Mooncar leagues too much, he has really figured out the secret to making sim racing entertaining for the masses. His nightly drop-in races feature several races a night and most of the time the drivers have no idea what they are getting into. Despite him being an excellent commentator, the quality of racing that comes out of his series is watchable time and time again but, most importantly it’s fun and that’s good for everyone. If we get to a point in which sim racing becomes dull all that will be left are the hardcore enthusiast. Yes yes I know, some of you out there think that would be amazing but if that happens you can kiss all of the money that is flowing freely into the industry right now goodbye and you can expect prices to skyrocket for what’s left.

Sim racing as we know it is great, but every now and again everything that’s great needs a fresh look. So for all of you organizing your next league, think about how you can make things interesting. We're not saying you have to have full chaos filled schedule but maybe toss in a mid-season event that’s worth double points but involves a different race type. There are plenty of leagues that do the same thing season after season, be different.

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